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Brevard Business - Village Beach House

Business Name:

Village Beach House

Business Overview:

The Village Beach House is located in beautiful downtown Cocoa, Florida. The store offers a wide variety of items: funny signs, gifts, jewelry and even Mexican talavera.

The Historic Village voted Village Beach House as the "Best Gift Shop" in Cocoa. This is quite an award, since there are multiple gift shops within walking distance.

Famous For:

The Village Beach House prides itself on the best collection of Talavera in Brevard County Florida.

Talavera pottery is pottery specifically designed in Mexico, but it has a Spanish history. The Spanish brought Talavera to Mexico in the 16th century which was originally made in Talavera de la Reina, Spain. Mexico has been producing talavera pottery since the 16th century. In order for Talavera to be "certified" it must be manufactured in Puebla, Mexico. However, beautiful Talavera is made through Mexico. The Village Beach House sales talavera that is made throughout Mexico. This gives the Village Beach House a large selection with lots of variety.

Talavera has become very popular due to its bright colors and durability. Talavera is a clay that is heated to high temperatures to create a durable, colorful piece of art. The Village Beach House offers wall art, vases and even dogs in interesting poses.

Pro Tip:

Jon, the owner, explained that it is important to live in a fun environment. His tip is to, "make sure how you decorate is fun".

Everything about Village Beach House is "fun". It is impossible to enter the store without chuckling at one of his signs or smiling at the bright talavera.

Our Experience:

As I walked around downtown Cocoa, Florida in the Historic Cocoa Village I saw many stores with tourist items. One store stood out, the Village Beach House. The front windows are filled with art, sculptures and hilarious signs. Upon entering the store a friendly voice greeted me and invited me to look around. When I asked a few questions about the store, Jon was happy to teach me about the talavera. He buys products that he thinks others will enjoy and he told me about the different products that he offered. Jon has a warm demeanor and is happy to help.

As I strolled around the store I realized why the Village Beach House has stayed busy during the COVID-19 scares. Many of us, myself included, have found empty walls in our homes while locked inside. It is very difficult to leave his store without buying something to brighten up your home. The Village Beach House uses Facebook to display many of their products; the bright pictures offer a glimpse of Jons collection.

Even if you are not in the market for new decorations, I recommend visiting the Village Beach House to get out of the heat and learn something new about talavera or at least laugh at one of the humorous signs.

Business Address:

Village Beach House

15 Oleander Street

Cocoa, Florida 32922

Business Phone Number & Address:

Office: (321) 639-4694


Year Opened:


Number of Employees:


Business Hours:

Sunday: 8AM - 5PM

Monday: 8AM - 5PM

Tuesday: 8AM - 5PM

Wednesday: 8AM - 5PM

Thursday: 8AM - 5PM

Friday: 8AM - 5PM

Saturday: 8AM - 5PM


Jon Liro

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