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#PROTIP - Denatured Alcohol - All In One Cleaner

#ProTip - Denatured Alcohol is a multipurpose cleaner that will remove old paint, clean windows and even cook your dinner.

***SAFETY*** Only YOU are in control of YOUR safety. Wear proper safety equipment at all times. Do not use any online article as your only resource, verify all information with a professional prior to putting yourself in danger.

WHO is giving sharing the advice:

Real estate agent Adam Maxfield is spilling the beans on the guarded industry secret.

WHAT is Denatured Alcohol?

The "De" in denatured alcohol is due to elements that are added that can not naturally be created. The "De" is the poisonous part of the mix. Originally, distillers used "industrial alcohol" as a loop hole to sneak booze to consumers without paying special "alcohol" taxes. The government started requiring that all industrial alcohol included poisonous additives to stop personal consumption. Interestingly enough, the United States Government required additional additives in the 1920's during the prohibition that made consumption extremely deadly. In 1928 when the new additives were added to the formula 33 people died in 3 days. Today the additives are still included, so DO NOT drink denatured alcohol.

Denatured Alcohol is manufactured by multiple industrial companies. It comes in two varieties, Standard and Green. Standard is 65-75% methanol and 25-35% ethanol, whereas Green is 80-95% ethanol and 5% methanol. Methanol is toxic and dangerous to touch, it burns hotter yet many backpackers choose the green option for safety. Ethanol is the same alcohol that comes in a bottle of booze from the liquor store.

Due to the methanol it is advised to wear gloves, safety glasses and a mask for inhalation when using denatured alcohol.

WHY is this great advice:

Is old paint somewhere it should be? Are you tired of paying for windex? Did wood stain find it's way into grout? Is the glue from a sticker stuck on your sunglasses? Did primer spill on stained wood? Are you trying to heat dinner in your tent? Would you like to safety disinfect your new home?

Common uses:

Glass Cleaner:

Mix with equal parts of water and Denatured Alcohol will quickly clean windows streak free.


Both ethanol and methanol are detrimental to virus' and bacteria. A mixture of 1 part water and 2 parts denatured alcohol is a great solution for sanitizing. Due to the methanol this solution is not safe to use directly on skin, but it works great on metal, porcelain, wood and plastic.

Paint, Polish and Stain Remover:

Many times painters over spray that isn't seen until after the tape is removed. Or a new home owner sees where the previous owner mistakenly placed blue paint on the white ceiling. Many people think the only solution is to paint over the mistake and if the area is large than a second coat of paint may be needed. When denatured alcohol is gently rubbed on misplaced paint with a painters cloth problem will go away. Do not dilute, and gently rub the problem away.

Tape and Glue Remover:

Denatured alcohol requires pressure but soaking will help with some glue. Do not dilute for glue removal. A painters cloth may work but sometimes rough steel wool is also needed. I have successfully used denatured alcohol to remove sticker glue on sunglasses and wood glue from cabinets. The product is very diverse.

WHERE can you buy it?

Denatured alcohol can be purchased as Walmart, Home Depot and of course Amazon. However, I have only found the "Green" product at Walmart and Amazon.

Green label is 90% ethanol and 5% methanol while the standard denatured alcohol is 30-50% ethanol.

Adam Maxfield


Keller Williams Space Coast Realty

(321) 423-8283


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