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Brevard Business - Landscapes by Kory

Business Name:

Landscapes by Kory

Business Overview:

Landscapes by Kory has 3 specialties:

  • Tree Services

  • Fence Repair

  • Irrigation Repair

Famous For:

Kory is famous for reasonable irrigation repairs and a great sense of humor.

Irrigation repairs can be very costly, however Landscapes by Kory has found that with a well trained team he can keep costs down.

Home Tip:

Irrigation systems are regularly beaten, broken and damaged. Malfunctioning irrigation systems can quickly increase home expenses. A single broken sprinkler head can leak 7,000 gallons of water per month. In order to keep your water bill low and your grass green, Kory recommends an irrigation inspection every 6 months.

A irrigation preventative maintenance costs between $75 - $225. A preventative maintenance includes adjustments, tests and minor repairs. Kory charges $75 (major repairs are additional).

Our Experience:

Before we called Landscapes with Kory we used another lawn company to fix our irrigation system. The other company charged $120 and they did repair a few of the sprinkler heads, however the system was not right or working.

We found Kory through the internet and he communicated well. Kory walked our yard and I told him about the repairs that we needed. Kory recommended a few solutions. First, we needed a new timer. Secondly, he recommended that we move sprinklers to better locations and adjusted sprinkler head types to water the yard efficiently. Since Kory is not an electrician I installed the new timer box. His group moved sprinklers, capped off areas that were over watered and helped me keep my grass green.

Kory gives a warranty and he has held true to it so far. Within a few days, two of the sprinklers failed (both old sprinklers that Kory recommended replacing or keeping an eye on), Kory and his team returned and replaced the sprinkler head and they fixed the pipe that had broken. Kory's team is very busy so it did take a few days to return but they did return without asking for additional money.

Business Address:

Wherever needed in Brevard County!

Business Phone Number & Address:

Kory Nelson

Landscapes by Kory

(321) 543-8830

Cocoa, Florida

Year Opened:

Owner, Kory Nelson has been working in yards across Brevard County for 22 years. Landscapes by Kory has been in business for 14 years.

Number of Employees:

Kory regularly has 3-5 people hard at work repairing irrigation systems or repairing fences across Brevard County.

Business Hours:

You will find Kory's team working in yards across the county any day of the week, as long as the sun is still in the sky.


Kory Nelson

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