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10 Reasons to move to Florida

Are you thinking about moving to Florida? 355,000 people move to Florida each year. The reason is simple: Florida has a lot to offer! Florida offers jobs, beautiful beaches, no state income tax, and a friendly culture.

The top 10 reasons people move to Florida.

10 - Sunny and Warm

Florida is called "The Sunshine State" for good reason. The summers are hot and steamy, but on average the temperatures are amazing year-round.

Melbourne is located in the middle of Brevard County. The average temperature of Florida is 71.5º Fahrenheit and Melbourne has a close average to state at 72.4º Fahrenheit (according to FSU Climate Center). Many people believe that it is too hot to live in Florida, but that just isn't the case. The FSU Climate Center documented that the average high temperature for Melbourne is 81.9º and the highest average temperature is 90.7º in July. Since the average temperature is 72.4º, many large corporations have decided to headquarter in Brevard County. The moderate temperature and the beautiful sunshine entice quality employees.

In 2018, 127.136 million tourists chased the sun in Florida. Many people run from the snow, and Floridians affectionately refer to these crowds as "snow birds". In 2018, 3.55 million people visited Florida from Canada. Brevard County Florida has sunny skies, warm weather and plenty of activities to enjoy!

9 - Golf

Florida is the golf mecca! With 1,334 private and public golf courses, Florida takes the prize of the state with the "Most Golf Courses". President Obama and President Trump frequent Florida to visit the links. The golf industry has been very good to Florida. According to the University of Florida, in 2000, the golf industry revenues were $4.44 billion. Even though this report is over 20 years old, it displays why Florida is constantly pushing for more golf courses.

Florida loves retirees and retirees love to golf. This is why Florida has some of the top rated golf courses in the United States.

Brevard County has more than 28 golf courses.

According to the Golf Digest, the top 5 golf courses are:

5 - Jupiter Hills Club, Tequesta, Florida

Initiation Fee $110,000

Annual Dues $12,500

4 - Streamsong, Red, Florida

Public Golf Fees $125-285 (varies on season)

3 - Calusa Pines, Naples, Florida

Initiation Fee $160,000

Annual Dues $11,800

2 - TPC Sawgrass, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Green Fee $549

1 - Seminole Golf Club, Juno Beach, Florida

Initiation Fee $150,000

Annual Fee $10,000

Not all Florida golf courses are outrageously expensive. Most golf courses in Florida have very reasonable green fees; according to USA Today the average green fee in Florida is $36, which includes a golf cart rental.

Yes, Florida has the best golfing and at a great price too!

8 - Amazing Beaches

Florida is the only state that offers beaches on both the calm Gulf Coast and in the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.

Brevard County's Cocoa Beach has been deemed Florida's Surf City. A few of the world's most famous surfers started here in Cocoa Beach. Kelly Slater, who is currently the most popular and best surfers of all time, was born here. The Hobgoods are still living and working in Brevard County. In Brevard County the beaches are large, sandy and gorgeous. A few communities cater to beach tourism while other areas are managed by the state, offering quiet, peaceful beach fun.

Brevard County is also dog friendly, and as you know sand is fun for our four-legged friends too. Canova Beach Park has a section of beach specific for dogs.

A few services will let you see the beach before you leave your air conditioned home. Magic Seaweed offers beach cameras along the coast. Cocoa Beach is "the" surf spot and usually you can catch surfers on the Cocoa Beach Pier camera.

7 - Retirement

Many people plan a vacation but end up staying. Florida is the retirement capital of America. The Florida environment was designed for retirees: it’s warm, sunny and flat. The state offers everything a retiree would want and more.

Retirees want...

  • Low taxes

After paying Uncle Sam, it is time to get paid back. It can be frustrating when a state taxes your retirement income, but Florida residents do not have to worry about this. That is right, there is no state income tax in Florida!

  • Low cost of living

Florida has kept the cost of living very low. Rent, gas and groceries are all very reasonable in Florida.

  • Retirement living options

Florida has more retirement options than any other state. The options range from in-home health care to full service nursing homes. The most common option is senior communities for 55+. With retirees moving to Florida every day it is easy to make friends and build a network. Retirees quickly find a group to golf with or meet with fishing poles in hand.

  • Stable weather

The weather in Florida is very consistent. The summer can be warm and humid, but for the majority of the year the weather couldn't be better. Slipping on ice or snow is never an issue here in Florida!

  • Spend time with family

Seniors find that their family is bound to visit. Brevard County is less than 30 minutes from Disney World. Since Florida loves tourism, the state has kept the airline taxes low which means your family can visit for a great price. It also means you can visit your family too. Compare flights to Orlando and Anaheim from your family’s snowy home, and you will see that Florida is most likely the cheapest.

  • Great medical care

Florida has one of the best medical care systems in the country. Senior health is top notch. 13.4% of the Brevard County's revenue is from medical practices, so many of the best doctors have opened practices here. On your next vacation, plan to meet with a local doctor and see if it is a good fit for you!

  • Quality of life

The quality of life in Brevard County, Florida couldn't get much better. The activities are endless: fishing, golfing, shuffleboard, community centers, community festivals, tennis, etc.

  • Travel Plans

In many locations around the country, it is difficult to live without a vehicle. Many parts of Florida allow golf cart transportation and offer daily shuttles to the airport. Condos communities are built around downtown amenities so activities are easily walkable.

6 - Flights

Florida has some of the cheapest flights in the country. One reason for the low-cost travel is due to low government fees and taxes. Florida and Las Vegas both want tourism, and if you search flights, a round trip option to Orlando will be one of the cheapest in the country.

Brevard County is only 30 minutes from the Orlando Airport and shuttles run on a daily basis for low fees. The beaches have been found to be a great place to relax after a busy weekend at Disney World.

5 - Cost of Living

The cost of living can be very difficult to calculate. Nerdwallet has a calculation which compares different cities. Let’s compare Orange County, California (home of DisneyLand) to Orlando, Florida (home of Disney World). Nerdwallet claims that a family in Orange County, California with a pretax income of $50,000 will only need $29,980 to live in Orlando. This just shows how much money can be saved when living in Florida.

According to Nerdwallet, the cost of living in Orlando and Brevard County are:

40% cheaper than Orange County, California

4% cheaper than Mobile, Alabama

20% cheaper than Flagstaff, Arizona

9% cheaper than Phoenix, Arizona

20% cheaper than Denver, Colorado

55% cheaper than Honolulu, Hawaii

51% cheaper than New York City, New York

Basically, if you want to travel more, own a bigger house, and spend your money on fun rather than living expenses, Brevard County is the place to be.

4 - Economy

Florida has one of the biggest and the strongest economies in the United States. According to Business Insider, Florida's GDP is bigger than all but 16 countries; a $1 trillion GDP is an amazing feat!

When a state has a larger GDP than most countries in the world, you can count on finding your dream career there. In December of 2019, Florida had an unemployment rate of 3.0% as compared to the national unemployment rate of 3.5%. Florida is continually bringing new industries to the state and seeing healthy growth in our current key industries of health care, agriculture, manufacturing and tourism.

The diverse industries that make up Florida's GDP help build resistance against future recessions.

3 - Outdoor Activities

Florida is an adult playground. If you look hard enough you can find someone wearing a suit and tie, but it won't be an easy search. Florida is full of flip flops and breezy shirts. It is hard to take life too seriously when the list of fun activities is longer than your to do list.

Lake Fishing

Florida has over 7,500 lakes and according to it would take 20 years and 6 months of consecutive fishing days to experience them all. Florida bass fishermen and women are constantly on the search for the famous peacock bass.

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing in Florida is second to none! Even the smallest beach cities have charters which chase all of the pelagic species. In Florida it is difficult to come home empty handed. The deep sea fishing regions are broken into 6 different areas with different species available in destination. Everything from red snapper, mahi mahi to blue marlin are available.Check out Darcizzle on YouTube to find out about the crazy fishing adventures available in Florida.


Golfing is huge in Florida, especially on the Space Coast. Brevard County is famous for golf course variety, big name designers (Gary Player, Baytree National Golf Links, Joe Lee), and affordable green fees. has a list of the best golf courses in the area and can even tell you who designed each golf course.


The surf in Florida is world class!. How bad could it be if the world's best surfer was born and raised in Cocoa Beach? Surf spots reaching from the north down to Sebastian's inlet all make it into surf movies. It's hard to complain about the water temperatures, with the average temperature in the summer around 82º F.


Florida has more than 700 freshwater springs that are a "secret" spot for many. The water in the springs is cool and crystal clear. Some springs are in national parks and they require a hike to enjoy them, while others charge a small fee with bridges and parking next to the stream.


Are you looking for an adventure? Do you want to come face to face with prehistoric creatures? The Everglades National Park can make your fantasies come true. The Everglades offer kayaking with crocodiles, tropical tours on 4 wheel trucks and even week long canoe trips.

Florida Keys

Are you looking for blue water and sandy beaches? If you are looking for a water adventure and a rum drink to follow, you found the right place. The Florida Keys has it all and more. You can enjoy parasailing around the beautiful islands and even snorkeling and scuba. At the end of the day, you can have your trophy fish cooked as you please by a famous chef at a waterside restaurant.


The average person doesn't know about the hunting opportunities in Florida. The truth is that Florida has more species available than many other states. Not only does Florida offer more species to hunt, but it has nearly 6 million acres of public hunting grounds. A hunting license isn't even needed to hunt wild hogs (be sure to check local law prior to hunting and always follow hunting safety standards).


Tennis is a Florida pastime that is enjoyed by the young and old. It is difficult to find a community without a tennis court or two. USTA Florida has created a program to grow the tennis community and teach tennis to beginners. Just because you haven't played tennis before, doesn't mean you can't start. Tennis is another way to stay healthy and enjoy the outdoors.

Disney World

Who doesn't love Mickey Mouse and the joy of Disney World? According to AAA, Walt Disney counted the number of steps it took before a patron dropped trash on the ground. Now it is difficult to find a trash can more than 30 steps away. It is also impossible to buy gum inside of Disney World. Disney has one of the best firework displays in the world and it happens every single day.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios started as just a few rides, but today it includes 3 parks and it is impossible to see everything in one day. The CityWalk is full of restaurants and games. Volcano Bay is a water themed park, so bring your bikini or boardshorts! If you're looking for stomach dropping rides and sights that will amaze you, stop by Universal’s Islands of Adventure Theme Park. If you want to feel the experience then the original Universal Studios is what you are looking for. Rides, dragons and your all time favorites will leave you with memories you'll never forget.


Florida knows that fun can be educational too. The Brevard County zoo is a great excursion for the entire family. The Brevard Zoo is a great place for families to experience animals and learn about the ecosystems of Florida.

Alligator and Crocodile Tours

Are you interested in touching a swamp beast or gliding through Gatorland on a zipline? Visit Gatorland in Orlando, Florida and make your dream (or nightmares) come true. Gatorland educates the public about alligator safety through demonstrations and interactions. There are multiple gatorland-like adventure parks around the state but there is only one Gatorland. Gatorland is a 110 acre theme park and wildlife preserve.


Florida is surrounded by water on 3 sides. Sailing has always been a part of Florida's history and when you move here you should learn to sail. The ASA (American Sailing Association) offers sailing classes and memberships. The classes start in small keelboats and progress all the way to coastal navigation. On Merritt Island, Beachside Sailing will turn you into a professional sailor.

Sealife - Manatees, Turtles, Sharks and Dolphins

The space coast is known for beaches and spaceships and sometimes we forget about our swimming friends. When you live near the water in Florida sea life becomes the norm, but hopefully never taken for granted. Manatees are a daily experience, and a week without seeing a manatee is almost a sin in sunny Brevard County.

Casinos and Gambling

Brevard County has casinos on land and at sea. On land, Club 52 offers dog racing and poker for every budget. If gambling on the high seas is what you are looking for, then Cape Canaveral has you covered. Victory Casino Cruises cruises out to international waters and offers everything you can find in Las Vegas. The boat offers cruises 7 days a week and each trip includes 5 hours of gambling.

Kennedy Space Center Rocket Launch

The Kennedy Space Center offers something for the whole family, including exhibits on space travel history and recognition for the unsung heroes of Apollo. A local favorite is a walk through a "Rocket Garden" that includes NASA's Mercury, Gemini and Apollo rockets. If you time your trip right, be sure to catch a live shuttle launch, and if not, the next best thing is the Shuttle Launch Experience and the IMAX Theater. The space center is designed for the young and old to learn together.

The local landmark was built in 1962. Today, local families and tourists enjoy ice cream or a rum filled cocktail while admiring the beautiful ocean. The pier has become one of the most popular surf spots in Brevard County, so be prepared to see someone hang 10.

2 - No Income Tax

Florida's House and Budget Committee have always agreed that income tax is a bad tax and it will never happen in Florida. Not charging this tax has allowed Florida to grow and allowed many people to move to and open business in Florida. A few states have chosen to tax people and corporations out of their state, but Florida will receive you with open arms. Florida has become a popular state for people who work remotely and retirees receiving a pension or social security.

States like California (13.3%), New York (8.82%), Minnesota (9.85%) and even Colorado (4.63% flat tax) have given their residents a reason to move.

1- Floridian Culture - Party and Eat Well

It is hard to turn the news on without seeing a Florida Man having fun. Cocoa Beach has bars and restaurants ready to serve pina coladas. Brevard County is full of micro breweries - there is a beer for everyone. Key West was designed to party. If someone mentions the words “party” and “Florida” in the same sentence, you can bet they went to Miami. With Miami less than a 3-hour drive from Brevard County, you can still make it to the Basement or other famous clubs for a weekend getaway.

Florida is a great place to live. The activities are endless and designed for families, both young and old. When you move to Florida, please contact me if you have any questions about a home purchase or rental.

Adam Maxfield


Keller Williams Space Coast Realty

Mobile: (321) 423-8283


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